Victorian Afghan Associations Network (VAAN) is proudly running a local  anti-racism project for the Afghan community supported by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. “Striving for a more socially cohesive society” is a project aimed at creating awareness and support for multicultural communities,

Afghans in particular, to combat racism and work towards a cohesive society, via practical and measures.

People in the Afghan-Australian community may have experienced racism based on their cultural, religious and background differences. This project aims to give awareness to the public and to listen to local multicultural and multifaith community members to understand their experiences of racism and religious prejudice/discrimination and what kind of support they might benefit from.

VAAN has formed an advisory group made of some motivated and active individuals in the Afghan-Australian community who are passionate about working with the community. Their role is to provide suggestions, advice and feedback to implement the project in the best possible format. Their knowledge and expertise will assist in shaping the project better and run it effectively.


How and in which format the project will be run?

–           Through multiple short videos and publishing on social media reaching thousands of people

–           Online sessions and workshops

–           At the Nawroz Festival with 10,000 plus audience including running Multicultural stall.

–           Through Andisha Dari School

–           Posters and flyers

Your insights and contribution would be greatly appreciated. We will be in touch with community members to explore ways to work together on this initiative. Please feel free to contact us via



What is Racism?


  • biologically based (racialized) as well as cultural forms of exclusion (e.g. Islamophobia)
  • (a) systemic, structural and institutional, as well as (b) interpersonal (behavioural) and (c) attitudinal (prejudice) manifestations; intentional and non-intentional
  • based on systematic and institutional power imbalances (‘prejudice plus power’)
  • Racial Discrimination Act (1975): Racial discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably, or not given the same opportunities, as others in a similar situation, because of their race, the country where they were born, their ethnic origin or their skin colour
  • Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (Vic): Vilification is any behaviour that “incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule” for a person or group of people, because of their race or religion.


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